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36 inch x 36 inch Cow Hide

36 inch x 36 inch Cow Hide

It is big. It is comfy. Bulging supportSee the top quality fillingSee how real the hide is. Seen with a matching footstool.The dog keeps rounding it up....

36 inch x 36 inch Cow Hide

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Our Price: 39.99
A top quality floor cushion which will give comfort and support.
This synthetic Holstein skin is so real looking, soft & comfy. Our dog keeps rounding it up!
More about the breed:-
Holstein-Friesian, breed of large dairy cattle originating in northern Holland and Friesland. Its chief characteristics are its large size and black and white spotted markings, sharply defined rather than blended. These cattle are believed to have been selected for dairy qualities for about 2,000 years. They have long been widely distributed over the more fertile lowlands of continental Europe, where they are valued highly for their milk-producing ability. In the United States the Holstein-Friesians outnumber all other dairy breeds and produce nine-tenths of the milk supply. The milk, however, has a relatively low butterfat content.

Our cushion is synthetic and does not yield milk!

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