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ZzippizZ Battleship Grey x 3

ZzippizZ  Battleship Grey x 3

plenty of bulging support and comfort9 together close up9 together further awayThe zzippizz zip together & apart with ease. Here seen as a comfy chair.takes corners with ease.kids chill out quick! Thank goodness......ipads outWhy not mix & match?chaise longue floor style

ZzippizZ Battleship Grey x 3

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Our Price: 119.99
ZzippizZ come in groups of three.
Each ZzippizZ can be fixed to another with it's open ended zip.
There is no limit to the number of cushions that can be fixed together, except the room size!
ZzippizZ measure approx 76cmx76cm or 30 x 30 inches.
You can choose any of our range of fabrics to make your ZzippizZ, just email to tell us colour required.
or ring us free on 0800 015 44 33

A group of three cushions costs less than £120.00 (only just).

If unsure please ask for free fabric samples

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