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36 inch x 36 inch Baby Giraffe

36 inch x 36 inch Baby Giraffe

It is big. It is comfy. Bulging supportSee the top quality fillingSee how real the hide is. So big it won't fit on the picture!36 inch x 36 inch Baby Giraffe

36 inch x 36 inch Baby Giraffe

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A top quality floor cushion which will give comfort and support.
This synthetic little giraffe skin is so real looking, soft & comfy. So sweet!
More about the baby!
Giraffe give birth in a ‘calving ground’ and mothers will often return to where they were born to have their own babies. Giraffe have no formal breeding seasons as they are designed to be able to shift feeding patterns in order to maintain a high nutrient diet throughout most of the year. Calving is often synchronized to provide safety in numbers against predators. Giraffe give birth standing up, requiring the newborn to fall just under 2 meters to the ground! Designed for such an abrupt entry into the world, a newborn calf can stand up and run within an hour of being born.
The first few months of a giraffe’s life are the most vulnerable; predators such as lions, hyenas, hunting dogs and leopards all see a baby giraffe as prey. The giraffe mothers are extremely protective and will meter out a powerful kick to any other animal that comes too close. During the first few days a newborn giraffe will be left sitting in grasses while the mother goes off to feed, but after a few weeks the youngster is introduced to the rest of the herd and nursery groups are formed where one mother will ‘keep watch’ while the others have a chance to go and find food.

Our baby giraffe cushion will be around for much longer than a few weeks!
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