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36 inch x 36 inch Lynx Skin

36 inch x 36 inch Lynx Skin

Only David Attenborough dare go this close.Eartha Kitt would have loved one of these. Who's she, you may ask! Google for the answer like we all do.Bulging support.See how real the hide is. So touchy feely, but don't risk it.It's big, It's comfy36 inch x 36 inch Lynx Skinwith 29x29 as back rest

36 inch x 36 inch Lynx Skin

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Our Price: 39.99
A top quality floor cushion which will give comfort and support.
This synthetic lynx skin is so real, stroke it if you dare!

A little more about the Lynx:-

Lynx are usually solitary animals and will spend their time both hunting and resting alone, however a small group of lynx may travel and hunt together occasionally. Lynx mating takes place in the late winter and the female lynx will give birth to two to six kittens after a gestation period of about 70 days. Female lynx will usually give birth to a litter a year. The young lynx kittens stay with the mother lynx for around nine months meaning that the lynx kittens will have the mother lynx to watch over them during their first winter. The lynx kittens then move out to live on their own as young adults. It is known that adult lynx will give their young the prey to play with it before they eat it as this thought to develop their hunting skills.

Lynx live in dens in rock crevices or under ledges which gives the lynx a safe place to rest as well as a home for when the lynx kittens arrive and need safely looking after. Lynx do not normally take their kill back to their den, the main exception to this is when the mother lynx is providing for her lynx kittens. Lynx children love to wrestle with each other.

The Lynx cushion is safe to wrestle with.

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