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36 inch x 36 inch Tiger Skin

36 inch x 36 inch Tiger Skin

It is big. It is comfy. Eartha Kitt would have loved one of these. Who's she, you may ask! Google for the answer like we all do.Bulging support.See how real the hide is. So touchy feely, but don't risk it.five lurking tigers in our factory.......

36 inch x 36 inch Tiger Skin

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Our Price: 39.99
A top quality floor cushion which will give comfort and support.
This synthetic tiger skin is so real. touch & feel at your own peril!
A little about the real thing!
The magnificent tiger, largest of the big cats, is a heavily muscled, powerful predator that stalks and ambushes large prey, camouflaged by its stripy coat. Unlike other cats, tigers are good swimmers and often cool off in lakes and streams during the heat of the day. Sadly, they have been pushed to the edge of existence through hunting and habitat loss, with three of the eight subspecies already extinct, and the other subspecies at high risk.
The cushion version looks the part but is synthetic and harmless!

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