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Bright Floor Cushions

Our bright colour section cushions will lighten up the dullest day in the darkest corner. A Floor Cushion brings comfort to any home & is ideal for school chill-out rooms, nurture rooms & nursery play areas. All of our floor cushions come with quick zip on zip off covers. See images below. Massive Floor Cushion Size 36 x 36 inches (900mm x 900mm). The inner cushion filler has three channels and has a 4 inch all round panel or border. This make up helps to prevent the fibre filling from moving unnecessarily, and avoids the need for constant plumping up. Each channel contains approximately 700 grammes of fibre. The whole cushion weighs just over 2.1 kg. This being the weight of the fibre plus the weight of the containing fire retardant cover. Large Floor Cushion Size The fibre used is top quality anti allergenic & long lasting . We also produce scatters in any of the floor cushion fabrics, and in any size. If unsure of colour why not ask for a free sample of any of the colours illustrated? We can also make up covers in your own fabrics if you wish. Ring us free on 0800 015 44 33 in office hours, or email us (see contact us above) for further details.

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